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Am I too old to join?

No our members range from 16 to 86!


Is it really Women Only?

Absolutely 100%!


I’ve never used a gym, what do I do?

It’s easy! The best way to start is to book your first 3 workouts with one of our trainers for a 1-1 so we can show you all the equipment and work out your intensity. The combination of our hydraulic machines and exercises will make you fitter, more energetic and motivated, improve your core strength and help you lose weight! Equipment can be used your way, manually, so you set the pace.


Are changing rooms available?

Yes there are private changing rooms.


How many times a week do I need to workout at WOW?

We recommend 3 sessions a week of 30 minutes depending on your fitness. Always build up slowly to avoid injury and increase your stamina. Always warm up and cool down and stretch.


Can I come and have a look at the club before joining?

You are welcome to pop down for a look around at any time during our opening hours.


What about age and fitness levels?

Our ladies ages range from 15 years to 85+ at WOW and some have never used a gym before.


OK sounds great, how do I join?

Pop in to view the gym and get all the information you need (and a cuppa!) or call to book an appointment. Once the very little paperwork is complete you will be given a Membership key tag. Your first month payment will be required. Please bring your diary so we can book you in for your 1st 3 workouts!

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